Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Girl's Trip 2010!!!

So this year, we, the "Hall girls" planned ourselves a nice little weekend get-away. Thanks to the generosity of Michelle's parents, we had a beautiful condo in Huntington Beach, CA to stay in. We spent 3 full days and 4 late nights doing wonderfully fun stuff. We started our out with a full day of Disneyland magic. I wish I could tell you the weather was magic, but it was not. It was actually brutally hot but we managed and had a great time. Although I was exempt from most rides, almost all the girls braved the biggest and scariest rides and some of smallest and wimpiest!
Each night was spent talking to all hours of the night. It was so fun to get caught up with everyone.
The second night we had a yummy dinner at Ruby's on the Huntington Beach Pier.

On Saturday, we ventured out on the Balboa Ferry (a 4-minute ride) over to Balboa Island and shopped and walked the island!
We ended with a craft-fest on Saturday night.... Martha would be proud!!!
Sunday afternoon we finally got to the beach before heading the the airport.
Thanks girls for a great trip.....A special thanks to the dads that stayed home with the kids...you're the best (and my in-laws for coming down to help with my kids).
A great tradition for sure!!!!


Jen Scott said...

woo hoo! Love it! Glad you had fuN!

Tara and Orlando said...

Looks like fun! And thanks for the updates. It sounds like you'll have some good helpers when the baby comes.

Zappe Family said...

How fun! I've tried to do one of those with my sisters for many years, but they are all party poopers. :) Can I join your family next time? :) Just teasing...

I knew you could do it...(blog that is...) :)