Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Update!

No, there will be no side profile shot included in this post! I wouldn't want to scare people. Actually, in reality, I am still feeling pretty good. Besides the fact that our hot summer has decided to come now, I think I will make it! My c-section is scheduled for Friday November 19th and we are all anxiously counting the days! The girls are crazy excited. I have put off getting out any baby stuff for a few more weeks just to keep them under control. Sometimes I think Lauren is more excited about all the "baby stuff" than about the actual baby! She loves all things baby...i.e blankets, bottles, pacifiers, clothes, shoes, etc. I'm sure she'll be a big help :) This month we are trying to fit in everything (doctor's appts, day trips, working at schools, etc) before the time comes when we get nothing done. We are super excited and of course will keep everyone update!


Kristy said...

Yay for Nov 19! That is Dallin's birthday! You are so close. Maybe you should come down to HB and play very soon.

Zappe Family said...

Exciting times ahead for sure! Hooray! :)

Luisa said...

I'm so excited for you! I love your girls and will soon love the
3rd one:) I can't believe how big Emily and Lauren are getting! We will be hanging out soon...I'll call ya!